About Sonistics



 supporting global Submarine Escape, Rescue, Abandonment, Sea Survival


Established in March 2005 to bridge the gap between Industry and global Defence Ministries, Sonistics
has a strong network of Subject Matter Experts to fulfill major projects within the SMERAS community.



Our passion is survival should the unthinkable happen to a submarine whilst on patrol. We work tirelessly to find solutions to age-old problems.

Sonistics has a database of key contractors who supply sub-sea developments. Access to this database is via the SMERAS on-line Directory.  This database is placed in front of procurement officers and other end-users as part of the sonistics.com website.

Safety and Survival at sea are at the core of Sonistics and we strive to find and introduce new services and products to improve the lot of anyone who goes to sea.

Since the conception of Sonistics as a bridge between Navies and Contractors, we have developed our role within the community to include:-

  • Development and supply of the Submarine Escape and Abandonment Pack – SEApac™ INCREASES SURVIVABILITY ON THE SURFACE
  • Introduction of contractors to key global contracts
  • Co-ordination of NATO Submarine Escape and Rescue Working Group events
  • Co-ordination of NATO Underwater Diving Working Group events
  • Co-ordination of the Submarine Air Monitoring and Purification (SAMAP) Symposium
  • Contracted by the UK MoD to assist with the tender assessment for the supply of Submarine Escape and Immersion Suits
    for the RN
  • Development of the SMERAS on-line Directory extending into new, investigated markets
  • Brought to market TELSON portable underwater telephone
  • Partnerships with companies supplying innovative products

Sonistics continues to introduce new contractors and their services/products into the market place and always strives to provide the best information/introductions to our subscriber.




 Contact Neil Hopkins for Technical Stuff

Neil left the UK MoD at the end of 2006 and joined Sonistics to head up the SMERAS arm of the business.  Following over 32 years working with submarines, he was the perfect man for the job and has worked on many projects since joining the company.



Contact Sam Hopkins for Management, Promotional and Event Support

As MD of Sonistics, Sam calls upon her many years of management and business development experience.  Sam is responsible for procurement enquiries and overall co-ordination of NATO events.



Contact Charlie Parker for Promotional Information and General Enquiries

Charlie has a background in office management and her career has been based as part of a legal team.  Charlie is the person to contact with all enquiries as she will know exactly who can answer your question if she is unable to do so.





Contact Tomas Hopkins for Technical, project management and logistics support

Tomas covers Quality Control of SEApac manufacture and order scheduling.  He also supports external exhibitions and NATO meetings.  Contact Tomas with any enquiries relating to manufacture or administration.