Submarine Escape and Abandonment Survival Pack
don’t let your submariners leave the harbour without SEApac

Large amounts of money are spent globally ensuring that submariners are equipped with specialist Escape and Abandonment Equipment.  There are Submarine Escape Suits which have an integral single-man life raft to aid survivability once an ‘escaping’ submariner reaches the surface.  It is not possible for these life rafts to be SOLAS compliant which leads to the survival time on the surface being reliant on a speedy rescue.

Sonistics worked for many years with staff at the UK Submarine Escape Tank (SETT) to develop SEApac to fit into the leg pocket of all Submarine Escape Suits.  This goes some way to extending life during the valuable hours before rescue.

Over 10,000 SEApac supplied to the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Netherlands Navy.

For more information please email:

Or order using the following NATO Stock Numbers:

8465-99-668-6177 – Survior
8465-99-843-1808 – RAN 1
8465-99-680-2175 – RAN 2
8465-99-000-7418 – RAN 3



SEApac Improves survivability of Escaping or Abandoning Submariners on the surface by:-

  • Increasing visibility to rescue assets
  • Aiding comfort to the escaping submariner
  • Helps to alleviate dehydration by providing emergency drinking water in all packs (RAN 2 uses osmosis packs)
  • Fits into the leg pocket of all in-service Submarine Escape Suits
  • Contents can be adapted to user requirements
  • Tested to 350m