Imtech Marine announces that Elkon (Istanbul) sign contract for the design and supply electrics..

Imtech Marine announces that Elkon (Istanbul), member of Imtech Marine , signed a contract for the design and supply of the complete electrical systems to power three Turkish Navy Auxiliary vessels. The vessels, consisting of one Submarine Rescue Mother Ship (MoShip) and two Rescue and Towing Ships (RATships) will be built by Istanbul Shipyard in Tuzla Turkey and are scheduled to be delivered to the Turkish Navy by mid of 2015.

Elkon is contracted by Istanbul Shipyard to design, supply and commission the complete package of electrical systems. The supply range involves major components of the power generation, power distribution and propulsion systems and integrated vessel management system including power management and machinery monitoring & control. Electrical engineering and onboard installations, Integrated Logistic Support and ships’ engine-room and bridge consoles are also part of Elkon’s scope. Elkon, Turkish maritime technical service provider, is a member of Imtech Marine since 2010. The core of its activities consists of electrical and automation system integration, including complete onboard electrical installations. Elkon has a renowned reputation and excellent relationships with the Turkish Navy and Shipyards.

The MoShip will be capable of providing the lifesaving support to a disabled submarine and evacuating the crew. The RatShip will be capable of towing ships as well as firefighting. Both ships will be equipped with modern rescue systems and equipment such as remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV), atmospheric diving suit (ADS), submarine ventilation system, emergency life support system, pressure chambers etc.. The ships can perform underwater repair works and wreck removal through divers, atmospheric diving suit and ROVs & heli operations. MoShip will have the necessary infrastructure for the deployment of both the US Submarine Rescue Diving and Recompression System (SRDRS) and NATO Submarine Rescue System (NSRS). The availability of two different rescue concepts provides an opportunity for cooperation with other navies.