Fugro Chance  and Coda Octopus Group (CODA)  have  entered  into  a Cooperation Agreement  for  two years  to  take advantage  of Coda Octopus Echoscope®; a patented 3D sonar  technology.   This relationship will give CODA early access to real-world requirements associated with Fugro Chance projects.  Having access to the myriad  of  data  acquired  by  Fugro  will enable  CODA  to  utilise  the  Echoscope  in  a  variety  of  applications  and challenges,  thus maintaining  a  cutting  edge  in  sonar  technology.    In return, Fugro will have the advantage of working with CODA to develop tailored solutions for their clients’ subsea imagery deliverables.
Coda©  Echoscope®  Dual  Frequency  3D  Sonar  is  a  unique  sonar  device  using  phased  array  technology.  It generates over 16,000 beams simultaneously, producing  instantaneous,  three-dimensional sonar  images of both moving and stationary objects and enabling extremely rapid reconnaissance and inspection.
Fugro Chance has proven field success in project time and cost savings as well as operational benefits from using this technology.  Fugro Chance Data Manager, Tony Gray, commented: “There  is a world of possibilities with this 3D  technology;  be  it  installing  platform  legs  subsea,  seabed  clearance  surveys  or  even  close-proximity  subsea structure point cloud acquisition. Echoscope® is a resourceful tool that can be used in subsea projects where time, risk and depth are all critical factors to visualisation and measurement.”
The  two  companies  will  work  together  on  joint  developments  of  new  applications  for  meeting  Fugro  Chance requirements  in  data  visualisation  and  processing.  In addition,  Fugro  Chance  will  gain market  advantage  from training opportunities provided by CODA as well as project support.
For further information email Regan Burford at rburford@fugro.com or visit www.fugro.com.