Fugro Launches New Submarine Rescue Simulator

Fugro Subsea Services Ltd gave the first public showing of its new Submarine Rescue Vehicle (SRV) simulator at the DSEI show in London.


FugroThe simulator is based on Fugro’s DeepWorks ROV software and is designed to speed up the verification of vehicle design configurations and tooling, develop and   practice rescue mission procedures, and improve pilot training. DeepWorks provides true subsea physics-based simulation that can run on a desktop PC or be integrated into a submarine rescue vehicle's hardware control console. Fugro is experienced in building SRV simulators and has supplied prototype trainers to some of the world’s navies.


Among the new enhancements is the ability to navigate to targets using both camera and sonar views in more realistic sea conditions. A new model governs friction behaviours when bodies collide with each other or with the seabed. Manipulator behaviours have also been made more lifelike for tasks such as deploying probes to measure CO2 levels and for posting pods with life-support provisions. Other enhancements include better proximity awareness, easier trim and ballast control and the introduction of a new supervisor’s panel for easier control and monitoring of the training scenario.


Fugro’s LR5K SRV simulator was the world’s first simulator that provided 3D simulation of rescue operations. Fugro also pioneered ray tracing, which provides highly realistic sonar simulation for navigation training, along with altimeter-based ranging for hatch mating, and pod posting. Models have been developed for a range of SRVs including the Perry Slingsby LR7, OceanWorks Merlion 500, and ADS 2000.


Visitors to the Fugro stand at DSEI had the opportunity to play a game version of the SRV simulator providing a way of experiencing some of the challenges of navigating to and docking with a distressed submarine.


The screen capture shows how multiple camera views are used to align with the hatch for touchdown during rescue operations.


For more information visit www.fugro.com and www.fugrogrl.com