A Massive Submarine Emerges in Milan’s City Centre

a massive submarine emerges in milan's city center




The crown of a massive submarine, appearing to have just surfaced from an underwater journey, has materialized from beneath the sidewalk of milan’s piazza mercanti, surprising and baffling pedestrians. the installation has the tremendous deep-sea voyager popping out from the concrete path, causing a massive wreckage of rubble nearby. a smartfortwo car, seemingly at the wrong place at the wrong time, is apparently caught up in the chaos, haphazardly propped on the debris. the elaborate, staged intervention is actually a marketing scheme by advertising agency M&C saatchi milano for europ assistance IT, an insurance group based in italy, as part their ‘protect your life‘ campaign and launch of the lifepark protection store. designboom spoke with a ‘scuba diver’ at the scene where they told us of the importance of insurance in safeguarding your possessions, as you may never know when an unforeseen event might take you by surprise.