An ROV able to work at both platform and pipeline – and handle many different projects – attracted CCC (Underwater Engineering) to the Saab Seaeye Cougar XTi, fitted with the iCON intelligent control system.


Won over by its versatility, CCC's ROV Manager, Tavis Letherby, says it gives them one vehicle for both scopes of work – and one that can cope with the different demands placed on vehicle and pilot when operating on either platforms or pipelines.


"It is the particular blend of compact size, six powerful SMX thrusters and intelligent iCON control system that makes such versatility possible.


"Pipeline operations use a plethora of kit that makes intensive demands on the ROV," he explains, "whereas platform work makes greater demands on the pilot.


"During platform work the small size of the Cougar and its manoeuvrability, even in strong currents, makes it easy to fly inside and around structures.


"The pilot also needs more information during complex manoeuvres, which is provided in simple form through the intuitive iCON system," he says.


" …easy to fly inside and around structures. "
Tavis Letherby
ROV Manager
CCC (Underwater Engineering)


Another appealing factor is that faults are easily identified through the diagnostic nature of iCON which makes it is possible to isolate failed components and avoids bringing the vehicle to the surface to keep the ROV working.


Tavis Letherby also believes that the diagnostic information avoids thruster down time by constantly providing data on each thruster directly to the ROV team.


In addition to incorporating the iCON control system into their Cougar, CCC has additional cameras including a Seaeye wide-angle low-light camera, Kongsberg colour zoom camera and a rear-facing camera.


The Cougar XTi - compact size, six thrusters and iCON control.
The Cougar XTi – compact size,
six thrusters and iCON control.

A Tritech Super SeaKing sonar is also included along with a dual five-function manipulator, wheeled skid with camera booms and cameras, and a tether management system.


This sale follows the earlier addition to Abu Dhabi-based CCC's fleet of a Saab Seaeye Panther XT Plus electric work ROV.


The Cougar is a proven and reliable concept that is designed to undertake light work jobs, observation and survey tasks and carry a wide variety of sensors, ancillary equipment and tooling whist working in strong currents and in tight places. Its small footprint on deck also cuts costs.


CCC (Underwater Engineering) S.A.C., established in 1976, is a leading provider of offshore construction and subsea services to the oil and gas industry in the Middle East and Indian regions.


Saab Seaeye is the world's largest manufacturer of electric ROVs, and now includes Saab's underwater vehicle range of tethered, autonomous and hybrid underwater vehicle systems for the defence industry.


For more information contact:

Tavis Letherby
CCC (Underwater Engineering) S.A.L.
+971 2 555 3656

Matt Bates
Saab Seaeye Limited
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