J2 Subsea, an Acteon company, has opened a new facility in New Iberia, Louisiana, to make its extensive range of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) tools more readily available for subsea operations in the Gulf of Mexico.


This facility, which includes a new hydraulic workshop for tool preparation, servicing and support, will provide torque tools, analysers, Webtool cutters, intensifiers, grinders, work packs, jetters and cleaners to ROV and diving companies in North America. The new facility will receive support from the company’s headquarters in Aberdeen, UK, and is the first stage of a global expansion plan. Customers in North America can now access a comprehensive suite of equipment for diver or ROV applications, for which J2 Subsea provides the hydraulics and Acteon sister company, Seatronics, supplies the electronics.


John Worthen, ROV tooling manager, J2 Subsea, said, “Given the current levels of activity in the Gulf of Mexico, we felt there was a need to offer the highest standards in tool preparation and the latest tools directly to the market. It is also an opportunity to introduce new products. J2 Subsea and Seatronics are global representatives for the sale and rental of Zetechtics Jupiter™ control systems, and J2 Subsea will be introducing the WeSubsea range of dredgers for rental in the Gulf of Mexico.


For more information please contact John Walker john.walker@j2subsea.com