Forum awarded ROV contract

Forum Energy Technologies, Inc. has announced that it has received an order from Vard Holdings Limited to supply eight Perry XLX 150HP work-class remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems. The ROVs are to be mobilised on four new build pipeline supply vessels (PLSV) for the joint venture formed by DOF Subsea and Technip that was awarded four contracts by Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras) for operations in Brazilian waters. The ROVs will be delivered throughout 2015.


Two of the PLSVs will have a 300 t laying tension capacity and will be fabricated in Brazil with a high national content. The other two PLSVs are designed to achieve a 650 t laying tension capacity, thus enabling the installation of large diameter flexible pipes in ultra-deepwater environments, such as the Brazilian pre-salt. These vessels have ground breaking capabilities for vessels of this type and size, requiring ROV services for pipelaying at depths down to 3000 m. The Perry XLX systems comply with the Petrobras’ requirements for accuracy and precision.


VARD will be in charge of the design and construction of the four PLSVs. The two 650 t vessels will be constructed at Vard Søviknes, Norway, while the two 300 t vessels will be constructed at Vard Promar, Recife in Brazil.


“Forum is delighted to establish this association with the DOF Subsea and Technip joint venture and view this as further supporting our long term relationship with both partners,” said Bill Boyle, Forum Subsea Technologies’ Senior Vice President. “The choice of Perry vehicles for the operationally demanding market is indicative of our client’s confidence in the long established reliability, operational resilience and safety record of the XLX series. This award validates Forum Subsea’s strategy of providing ongoing first class engineering and after-market customer support to offshore contractors from our operating facilities in key regions. The customer support will be provided from our established team based in our operating facility in Rio das Ostras, Brazil.”