Flash Tekk Engineering has chosen the Saab Seaeye Panther XT Plus ROV as a key diving support vessel resource.

Flash Tekk is a major diving equipment supplier for the international offshore industry worldwide and supplies diving systems and ROVs for Ultra Deep Solutions who are leaders in making and operating ultra‐deep diving and heavy construction vessels.

Flash Tekk's diving support vessel, Van Gogh.
Flash Tekk’s diving support vessel, Van Gogh.

Saab Seaeye say they are delighted that the Panther has been chosen to play an important resource role on this new generation of diving support vessels.

Operators will benefit from the Panther’s proven experience in diver support and also its ability to perform a wide range of work and survey tasks.

With its 10‐strong thruster power and advanced system design it can accommodate a multiplicity of tooling in a compact light-weight package that will remain stable and highly manoeuvrable, even in strong cross currents.

Panther XT Plus Panther XT Plus
‐ a key diver support resource
that is also able to perform
a wide range of work survey tasks.

Saab Seaeye is the world’s leading underwater e‐robotics company with the most advanced range of tethered, autonomous and hybrid robotic systems engineered to address the diverse range of tasks found across commercial, defence and scientific markets.

Flash Tekk Engineering specialises in the design, supply and manufacture of diving and subsea equipment for the international offshore industry.

For more information contact:

Matt Bates
Saab Seaeye Limited
+44 (0)1489 898 000
CP Teo
Flash Tekk Engineering Pte Ltd
+65 6384 3080