JW Fishers Mfg., a company specialising in the design and manufacture of underwater search equipment for almost 50 years, is introducing a new underwater metal detector for 2017. The SAR-1 Search and Recovery metal detector was developed as a result of significant customer feedback and extensive product testing. This new detector was specially designed for use by public safety dive teams, law enforcement agencies and military units that need to locate metal objects in poor visibility underwater environments. The SAR-1 alterts the operator to the presence of metal by vibration which is transmitted through the handle. Even in zero visibility, the user can feel the intense vibration conducted through the detector’s handle and into the diver’s arm. In addition to vibration, the detector also has a high intensity LED display which is directly in front of the diver’s face and easy to see in all but the worst conditions.


Other key features of the SAR-1 are it’s “snareless” design with no external wires or cables, rugged construction, streamlined configuration, and bright yellow search coil which helps guide the operator to the target in low viz environments. The 8-inch search coil has excellent detection capability on a range of targets from small shell casings to weapons and explosive devices. Larger targets can be detected at more than 5 feet. The material between the search coil and the metal object does not affect the detector’s range. Whether detecting through air water, silt, sand, sand, mud, or rock, the detection range remains the same.


For more information please visit www.jwfishers.com