Forum invests in MacArtney EMO range

Forum Subsea Rentals, a Forum Energy Technologies business, has made new multiplexer (MUX) video and data acquisition technology available to their global rental market following significant investment in MacArtney’s EMO range.

The acquisition of DOMINO-7 Mk II and NANO-MUX has been made in response to a growing demand for compact, lightweight designs which deliver enhanced operational efficiencies while supporting a complex array of subsea sensors.

“We have an unparalleled range of innovative technologies available for rental which were developed by Forum and other third-party manufacturers which deliver results to our worldwide clients,” said Richard Main, operations manager and global asset manager, Forum Subsea Rentals. “We recognized a growing demand for rental multiplexers that can fit smaller ROVs (remotely operated vehicles). Both the DOMINO-7 Mk II and the new NANO-MUX offer a wide range of configurations.”

MacArtney’s compact DOMINO-7 Mk II MUX can be installed on a range of work-class ROVs. A fiber-optic system with a range of MUX channel and power supply configurations, it offers three videos with 10 bit data link in addition to two multi-beam ports, so that data can be communicated via a gigabit Ethernet link coupled with a 48 VDC supply voltage. It has additional power supply channels and can be re-configured while ensuring that it is deployable with a range of power and protocols available.

The small dimensions and low weight of the MacArtney NANO-MUX allow it to be installed on a wider range of ROVs. Video and data can be converted to fiber including high-definition video formats as well as high speed gigabit Ethernet data. Applications include control of a camera’s pan-and-tilt utility as well as zoom and other lens control functions. The additional serial channels can also be used to transmit other sensor data within one single fiber-optic signal.

Image: The DOMINO-7 Mk II and NANO-MUX multiplexers address a demand for compact, lightweight designs which deliver enhanced operational efficiencies/Forum Energy Technologies