Black Carillon 2018 – VIDEO RELEASED

The latest Royal Australian Navy annual submarine rescue exercise, with its long standing submarine rescue enterprise partner, JFD.

Conducted the end of 2018 the exercise, in at times challenging weather conditions, the exercise demonstrated the world-class capability of the fully-integrated system that JFD provides to the Australian Government.  This system includes a submarine rescue vehicle, a transfer-under-pressure chamber and a hyperbaric equipment suite to ensure that submariners receive the best possible medical treatment once they are back on the water’s surface.

“It is vital that our submarine rescue system can rescue and treat all personnel on board a Collins-class submarine and that is why these annual exercises involving the RAN, JFD’s 100-strong skilled workforce and our extensive supply chain are so critical,” said JFD Australia managing director, Toff Idrus (a former submariner).

“This was the first Black Carillon where we have tested the entire rescue system which also now includes the new hyperbaric equipment suite and the first time we have deployed to sea three times in one year, so there were some big milestones to achieve and I am delighted to say, we achieved each and every one of our goals.”

The RAN also commended JFD on a safe and highly successful Black Carillon:

“I was exceptionally impressed with what you achieved in the exercise and it was clearly evident that you had developed a strong sense of teamwork,” said Captain Geoff Wadley RAN, Commander Submarine Force.

“Speaking to international observers, they were unanimous in their praise for the exercise and the value they all got out of it, a job exceptionally well done.”