Oceaneering and DDK Positioning Sign Service Agreement Enhancing C-Nav® Positioning Solutions’ Offerings

Oceaneering International, Inc., and DDK Positioning Limited announced the companies have entered into an agreement for the provision of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) augmentation service and all associated software and hardware supporting Oceaneering’s C-Nav® Positioning Solutions group offerings.

DDK Positioning’s services are delivered exclusively through the Iridium® satellite communications network coupled with hardware developed by partner Topcon. This pairing of cutting-edge hardware and advanced communication infrastructure will enhance the ability of Oceaneering’s customers to precisely position their assets globally. This unified solution offers several benefits to Oceaneering’s positioning customers including, two-way communication enabling machine control and feedback, and redundancy to cover potential signal losses.

From launch, DDK Positioning will provide its MAX service to Oceaneering clients, which can achieve accuracy to less than 10 cm (2 Sigma). The MAX service uses both GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS constellations with further systems to be added within a year.

Eric Smith, Director of Survey Services at Oceaneering, said:

“There have been significant advances made in communications infrastructure and satellite positioning technology over the last several years. With this agreement, Oceaneering will be able to offer enhanced positioning technology allowing us to build on our strong industry track record while continuing to serve the positioning needs of our clients now and into the future.”

Kevin Gaffney, CEO at DDK Positioning said: “We are absolutely delighted to have signed an agreement with Oceaneering to provide our precise and reliable GNSS positioning solution to Oceaneering’s customers in the maritime energy industry.

“This agreement demonstrates the need for an alternative GNSS augmentation service that increases the reach of services from Pole to Pole, with the added benefit of Iridium’s resilience and reliability. We are looking forward to working with Oceaneering to enhance their service and product portfolio while delivering market leading services for many years to come.”

Learn more: oceaneering.com/positioning-solutions