A new extremely powerful and intelligent electric manipulator can be seen on Saab Seaeye’s Stand 1406 at the Ocean Technology Conference, Houston, 2 – 5 May 2022.

Intelligent muscle with Seaeye’s new work-class manipulator, eM1-7, as precise as it is strong.


The pioneering breakthrough is Saab Seaeye’s new eM1-7 seven-function all-electric work-class manipulator.

As powerful as a hydraulic equivalent, it is more reliable and more dexterous.

Seaeye eM1-7’s micrometre precision comes from each of its seven joints having extremely accurate force and position feedback coupled with their own smart distributed microprocessor for intelligent, intuitive and precision arm control.

Visitors to the exhibition stand can also hear more about other innovations that are changing the face of underwater enterprises.

Saab Seaeye’s innovative new environmentally friendly electric work vehicle, called eWROV, matches the power of a 250 hp hydraulic work class system, but is easier to operate, more precise, acoustically quieter, more reliable, needs less maintenance and has a much lower lifetime cost.

Already the world leader in electric underwater robotics, Saab Seaeye’s eWROV joins the largest range of electric robotic vehicles in the industry.

This includes the multi-role 3000m rated Sabertooth, the world leading roaming and hovering robot that can operate in both fully autonomous and tethered modes, enabling fully flexible dual operations from a single platform fitted with cameras, sonars and tooling.

Two Sabertooth robots have succeeded in finding the wreck of the Endurance, sunk 3000m below the Antarctic ice during Shackleton’s ill-fated expedition in 1915.


Innovative new electric work robot, eWROV, complete with pioneering new all-electric seven-function work-class Seaeye manipulators.


Sabertooth deployed into Antarctic waters in the successful search for the Endurance.

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