UK Trade Envoy Lord Ian Botham OBE Visits JFD Australia’s Submarine Rescue System

Lord Botham Visits JFD Australia - Website Image.png Image Credit: Trevor Collens

JFD Australia was delighted to welcome the UK’s Trade Envoy to Australia, Lord Ian Botham OBE, to its national headquarters in Perth to visit Australia’s safe, proven and trusted submarine rescue system.

In a visit co-ordinated by the British High Commission, Lord Botham examined all aspects of the world class sovereign capability including getting inside the submarine rescue vehicle (a “mini” submarine) for a first-hand look at the technology used to transfer the crew of a disabled submarine safely under pressure to the ocean’s surface.

The free-swimming, piloted rescue vehicle is part of a fully integrated system that includes a state-of-the-art hyperbaric equipment suite that can provide life-saving medical treatment to submariners (the entire crew of a Collins-class submarine -up to 60 personnel -can be treated simultaneously).

It is one of only six air transportable rescue systems around the world, five of which are supported by JFD, including the NATO Submarine Rescue System (NSRS) which has been successfully delivered to the Royal Navy since 2015.


Ms Cathy Falkiner, Managing Director, JFD Australia, said: 

“It was a privilege to host Lord Botham and to talk with him about the service we have provided to the Royal Australian Navy for the past 15 years and the many ways in which Australia and the UK can work together in the future to keep the world’s submariners safe, wherever they may be.”

Accompanied by a delegation that included British Consul-General and Deputy Trade Commissioner Asia-Pacific, Ms Louise Cantillon, and senior members of the UK Department for International Trade, Lord Botham also toured JFD’s advanced production facility, meeting JFD’s highly skilled team and inspecting specialised diving and rebreathing equipment that JFD produces to keep defence personnel safe underwater.

Ms Falkiner said: 

“JFD holds contracts with some 80 nations and 30 navies and safety will always be our highest priority. To be able to demonstrate this commitment to Lord Botham and his delegation was a real honour and we look forward to welcoming him again in the future.”


Lord Botham SRV - Website Image.png Image Credit: Trevor Collens