BAE to Provide Periscope Support for Australian Collins Submarines

Collins-class submarine


The Royal Australian Navy has tapped BAE Systems to provide in-service periscope support for its six Collins-class submarines.

The $45-million extension contract guarantees the Royal Australian Navy continued maintenance and logistic services, as well as engineering and supply support.

“BAE Systems is a long-term sovereign capability partner with a 30-year pedigree in the manufacture and build, sustainment and upgrade of Collins Class submarine periscope systems for the Royal Australian Navy,” Managing Director Andrew Gresham said.

The company will be responsible for regulating the attack and search periscope for the submarines.

The vessels’ parts need to be overhauled every seven years “to ensure their material readiness and continuing structural integrity,” BAE said.

The contract is expected to conclude in 2025.

Collins-Class Submarines

The diesel-electric Collins submarine features highly automated controls, high shock resistance, a high-performance hull, and an efficient weapons handling and discharge system.

The vessel moves silently underwater, lowering the risk of detection by enemy anti-submarine systems.

“The sophisticated combat system gathers its intelligence from its sensors, computes the input and then launches and directs weapons,” the Australian Navy said.

Recently, the navy awarded Raytheon a $202-million contract to upgrade the submarines’ combat systems.

The agreement will begin in 2026 and “covers life-of-type extension, ongoing sustainment, and capability enhancements.”