Falcon ROV on Minesto’s tidal power job in Faroe Islands Falcon ROV on Minesto’s tidal power job in Faroe Islands

Local marine services provider SJH Commercial Diving has outlined plans to use Saab Seaeye’s Falcon underwater robot to support Minesto’s tidal power work in Faroe Islands.

Illustration/Minesto’s Dragon 4 (Courtesy of Minesto)

SJH Diving has been involved with the project for over two years and will now be tasked with supporting Minesto’s operations with multiple tidal energy kites.

SJH Diving’s Falcon remotely operated vehicle (ROV), supplied by Saab Seaeye, will be deployed for inspecting power cable runs along the seabed to the shore and inspecting and cleaning foundation points.

Falcon features a multi-beam sonar, single function and five function manipulators, a cathodic potential probe and a fully-kitted cleaning skid.

Símin Jákup Højsted of SJH Diving said that the Falcon was chosen as the most suitable solution for strong currents compared to five other competitive makes of vehicles.

According to Minesto, its subsea kite turbine concept generates electricity in tidal streams and ocean currents using the principle of flying a stunt kite in the wind. By swooping through the water in a constant figure of eight motion on a tethered cable, the tidal energy kite accelerates through the water considerably faster than the actual flow speed.

More than two years ago, Minesto selected SJH Diving, along with Faroese biggest shipyard MEST, to provide it an onshore operational support and assist with the development of low flow tidal energy projects.

Early in summer 2022, Minesto deployed the first 100kW Dragon Class unit in Faroe Islands in early summer after which it started to commission the second tidal plant in September 2022.

Since, Minesto’s second Dragon 4 unit delivered a record-breaking results in terms of total electricity generated, peak performance, and energy conversion at large throughout the two months leading to announcement.