Subsea7 steers ROV offshore Brazil from Aberdeen

Subsea7 says it has made a major achievement in its pioneering remote piloting technology offering by fully operating a work class ROV off the coast of Brazil.

Subsea7 Remote Rov Piloting

ABERDEEN, UK — Subsea7 has operated a work class ROV for Petrobras offshore Brazil from the company’s remote control center in Aberdeen, 9,400 km away.

While Subsea7 had previously deployed remote piloting systems on ROVs in the North Sea region, this demonstration was its first remote piloting operation in Brazil.

The operations phase, conducted under an IRM contract, included pipeline inspection and light intervention tasks.

The program called for a remote piloting upgrade of the work class ROV system on board an ROV support vessel, with real-time remote control enabled via a secure, high-speed, communications link to the control center in Aberdeen.

Subsea7 has two similar facilities onshore in Stavanger.